The Unhappiest States In America, Ranked


25. Rhode Island

Small, white, granite built Castle Hill Lighthouse sits on the rocky coastline of Newport, Rhode Island
JJM Photography / Shutterstock

The lovely ocean views are free, but Rhode Island is very expensive to live in. Plus, CNBC has dubbed it the worst state in the country for businesses due to slow economic growth and poor infrastructure.

America’s tiniest state got a half-decent score for emotional and physical well-being but didn’t fare as well when it came to work environment and community and environment. One benefit: Rhode Islanders work fewer hours than the residents of almost any other state, besides Utah.

“I left Rhode Island many years back and moved down south, and I like it better in every way, shape and form,” one Redditor writes. “I didn't like living in Rhode Island... The taxes are insane, the cost of living is insane and the winters suck.”