John Legend and Kelly Clarkson updated the lyrics it's cold outside baby ;


When it comes to Christmas music, "baby, it's cold outside" is one of the most representative classical music. Last year, however, after the metto campaign, many people took a second look at the song's lyrics and realized that it might be seen as a problem. It is for this reason that John Legend and Kelly Clarkson have jointly provided an updated version of the song that is more suitable for today's society. Two artists recorded a remake of the 1944 classic song because the lyrics were original. Like, "I should say no, no, no, sir (would you mind moving closer?" "And" said, what's in the drink? "Seen as ignoring consent. Last year, many radio stations across the country banned the song from their libraries after people objected to the original lyrics. The lyrics of the song were previewed by Legend magazine in Vanity Fair. The latest lyrics include a lyric, which features:

Clarkson: "what would my friends think..." Legend: "I think they should be happy for me to have another drink" Clarkson " If I had another drink? "Legend: This is your body and your choice." The song will appear on the luxury release of his "legendary Christmas" album on November 8.