Harry styles released the second year album fine line and combed the upcoming tour


Look at the world: Harry stiles is back! The former one-way member finally released details of his upcoming second album. On November 4, he announced on twitter his new album, "fine line," which will be released on December 13. The news came after the exciting release of his latest single light on October 11. As early as August, he began to make fun of his fans with his new music, when he said he was "finishing up" his album. Since then, he has been using different online strategies to make fun of fans, including a website, which released a message "you are waiting patiently for things to happen, love h" album details on the weekend before he announced the release of the new album. It's an exciting time, and on Saturday night, November 16, he will host and perform comedy. He will be the 33rd musician to play a dual role in the show. What's more exciting is that fashion seems to be joking about the upcoming tour. On November 5, he announced a special album release at the Los Angeles Forum on December 13. Fans can get the chance to pre sell tickets by pre purchasing the upcoming album. If you're not in California, don't worry, we believe there will be many programs from the heart throb in the near future!