John ledger responded to the controversy over his latest lyrics


The time for Christmas music has officially arrived, and the latest release of the legend of John has caused some major dramatic events. On November 8, he teamed up with Kelly Clarkson to launch a classic Christmas song, baby it's cold outside. However, he modified some problematic lyrics, which some people were not satisfied with. Last year, the original song sparked controversy after the "metto campaign" in which people claimed the lyrics described non sensory behavior. The legend and Clarkson versions have new lyrics, trying to modernize the songs to suit today's society.

instead of "s  well, what's in this drink? "> there are no taxis outside.  and"  I should say, "no, no, sir"  "They are more agreeable. What would my friends think of the legendary lyrics, including "? (well, I think they should be happy) what if I have another drink? This is your body and your choice "


 many people are uneasy about his choice of changing the lyrics of his songs, including Sharon Osborne, the host of talk. She said legend has no right to change the lyrics of the classics. "


" if 40 years later, if someone wants to Some people think it's rude to re record one of his songs. Some people say, "Oh, I can change the lyrics." To me, it's like a master painting. What would John ledger do. It's a work of art, "Osborne said. I have to tell you, I love John ledger. I love John's legendary wife, his family. He is a great artist and I respect him very much. Why do you do that? That's not right. The problem is, if you don't like the song, don't record it, "she continued. The legend began to promote the song on social media, seemingly responding to all the negative comments he received. 

"new version of babyitcalloutside! A popular update or "PC culture rampant & destroy all the great things in the history of music? ") you decide. Look at my new track! "Legend wrote on twitter. Do you think it's right to change the lyrics and re record them, or should he let the song die?