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Spider man was originally written by Stan Lee and Steve dietko for Marvel comics in 1962, and it will never stay on paper. In 2002, with the help of director Sam Remi, the Internet pitcher put on a play for the first time in the United States. The movie redefined the meaning of summer blockbusters and helped set off a wave of superheroes, who have dominated multiple complexes since. Peter Parker has starred in eight independent films and several others. Here are all the movies you don't know about spider man you need to know! Which Peter Parker do you like best? In 1977, CBS produced a TV movie for spider man, intending to become a series. Peter Parker is played by Nicholas Hammond, who directed two seasons and 13 episodes. In overseas, these episodes are divided into three films: Spiderman , s Spiderman counterattack , and Spiderman: Dragon Challenge . Although it can be said that these, rather than 2002 spider man, are spider man's first big screen works. In fact, they never intended to be seen like that. Tom Cruise almost played spider man in the 1980s.

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in the 1980s, Canon film company bought spider man's copyright from marvel for $225, and began to make a movie. The producers are starring new star Tom Cruise and considering Catherine Hepburn for Aunt May. In 1990, the rights of the characters returned to marvel. Of course, it's not the last time Spider-Man movies have had their web cut short. Another action icon appears almost in the Spider Man movie made by James Cameron. Find the next one. The villain played by Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a Spiderman movie in the 1990s and even written a script. Once again, Dr Locke will be the villain, and he will be played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the terminator star. The reason the film never made is simple - Cameron's script is reportedly full of blasphemy and nsfw scenes between at least one spider man and Mary Jane. If you make another movie, it will take a third time for marvel to be charming. Will you


Sam Remi saved the day

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Sony seized a huge opportunity at the turn of the century when it hired Sam Remi to make spider man movies. As a horror director, Lamy's only attempt to enter the comic field was "the dark man", a low-cost, dark comic released in 1990. Spider man, starring Toby Maguire, was released in 2002 and was widely acclaimed. The film made $114 million at the box office over its premiere weekend, making it the first movie in history to do so.

in less than a year after September 11, 2001, an ode after September 11 was included in the film

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. Spider man must have a scene to commemorate New York. When the recovering city dwellers threw things at the green goblins on the bridge, they showed solidarity and resilience. This scene did not appear in the original script. The poster featuring the twin towers has also been removed from the cinema, and people who own it now have a very valuable collection in their hands.

fans' strong dissatisfaction with the Internet

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although Sam Raimi's view on spider man is correct, he has made a mistake, according to die hard fans of comics. In the movie, Peter Parker gets the ability to shoot the Internet organically from his wrist after being bitten by a spider.

in the comics, Parker created the "Internet messenger" on his wrist, and shot a composite network from it. Lamy defended his decision, saying it was more logical than a high school student who had no spare time or resources to invent weapons. In 2004, Alfred Molina named his antennae as "Sony / Columbia / marvelsony / Columbia / Marvel

Spider Man 2 and finally brought Doc Ock to the screen of large companies. The actor, played by Alfred Molina, was very good. He had a set of mechanical tentacles on his back that he liked very much. Molina liked his four tentacles so much that he named them Harry, Flo, MOI and Larry. Although his three tentacles were given the names of three stooping hunchbacks, according to Molina, Flo was special because it was "the most maternal" to feed and remove sunglasses for him. Find out who's next! In spider man 3, Thomas Haden Church plays the contradictory villain sandman. It wasn't long before the church learned how painful it was to do something bad. When he broke the brick wall for the first time, he broke three knuckles. Before firing, church was told that the bricks in the middle were fake and the bricks above and below were real. The only problem is that when the camera starts to turn, the fake bricks are still not in place? I'll wrap it up. Sam Remy and Toby Maguire should come back to pick up Spider Man 4. Unfortunately, the film was cancelled after a negative reaction to the inflated three balls. However, this is not the only reason. During the filming of Spider Man 3, Raimi and Sony had a conflict on the direction of franchise. In the end, he made the decision to resign, thinking that he could not make another film within the specified time. SONYIt was then decided to restart the production of the film, CO directed by rising star Andrew Garfield and independent film director Mark Webber. Andrew Garfield cried. It was not easy to replace Toby Maguire with Sony / Columbia / Marvel Sony / Columbia / Marvel


. "Great power brings great responsibility," Andrew Garfield said. He was deeply influenced by the actors and even admitted to crying when he tried on the uniform for the first time. Fortunately, fans fell in love with the new Peter Parker. The amazing spider man took in $262 million, and before Marvel opened Sony's door (we'll talk about it later), it launched a sequel.

came back with what Mark Webber left behind after the return of Sony / Columbia / Marvel / Columbia / Marvel comics in spider man. The new director thought Parker was special before he was bitten, as evidenced by his invention of pots and mesh. Of course, a more organic approach is not the only change for Weber. He really started the movie again, bringing Peter Parker back to high school and replacing Mary Jane Watson with Gwen Stacey. Why does Sony cooperate with Gwen Stacey? Read on to find out! Who is Mary Jane? In comics, Peter Parker's initial love interest is Gwen Stacey, not Mary Jane Watson. Although Watson is the most popular romantic, the relaunched film company chose to focus on the first love of speedy. This does not mean that Mary Jane will never appear in the new movie. Shalene Woodley was chosen as the lead character in the amazing Spider Man 2 and even photographed on the floor of the editing room. There is no substitute for J.K. Simmons. J. Jonah Jameson is another character who is obviously absent from Andrew Garfield's spider man films. Originally played by J.K. Simmons, his portrayal of the iconic character is considered perfect by the cast. Since Spider Man 3, the character has apparently not appeared in any iteration of the series. Or him? If you don't get into the spoiler, spider man: far from home will be released in 2019, which may just indicate Jameson's return, and Simmons will return to the role! When "Spider Man" was released, Stan Lee was 80 years old, about 30 years old, and could not play J. Jonah Jameson. Before his death in 2018, Ang Lee revealed that he would love to play the role if he was young. Will he be as arrogant and overbearing as J.K. Simmons? It's impossible to know, but if we say we're not interested in Ang Lee's possible role, then we lie.

Andrew Garfield was fired Perhaps in 2015, an email hacker to Sony revealed that Andrew Garfield might have been fired for insulting the company's boss. Kaz Hirai plans to announce "amazing Spider Man 3" at a dinner in Brazil, when Garfield canceled his appearance. The actor questioned the email leak, saying: "I'm proud to say that I didn't compromise, I just used to be myself. It can be difficult for some people. "

right ahead, marvel comes back to save the franchise! Shortly after Garfield left, marvel returned to the movie world. Sony announced an agreement with marvel to allow the character to join Marvel's movie world. Sony still owns the rights to the character, but marvel will restart the operation of the character.

Tom Holland was soon chosen as the new Peter Parker and made his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War. One year later, he will appear in his first MCU independent movie: Spider Man: back, which will soon become one of the most important roles in MCU. The relationship between Peter Parker and Tony Stark is so important that it becomes one of the emotional arcs in Avenger: the end of the game. Spiderman is resurrected because of the robbery. Tony Stark sacrifices himself, saving not only his newly found family, but also his guard. The farewell of the two characters made the fans burst into tears. The end of the fourth stage of Spider-Man

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continues to prove his importance to MCU. The second independent film of Spider-Man, Spider-Man: far away from home , Spider-Man: far away from home officially ended the "fourth stage" of Marvel comics. This is the first film to be released after "Finality", which deals with the sequelae of the film event.

the box office in the United States is 380 million US dollars, and the box office in the world is more than 1 billion US dollars. With such success, it seems that ED bright is a net thrower in the future. Then the worst happened.

divorce documents of Sony and marvel

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spider man: the suspense of Peter Parker ended far away from home, and the news after the film's release overwhelmed fans. Marvel and Sony couldn't come up with a new co financing deal to keep the role in the MCU. The disagreement has sparked outrage on the Internet. Fanatical fans pleaded with Sony to change their mind, and regular MCU customers like Jeremy Renner made the same request to marvel. Sadly, neither side is willing to compromise.

Holland has confidence in Sony

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spider man returns to Sony fans' home, not only let them want to know what will happen to MCU, but also Tom Holland. To their dismay, Holland signed a contract with Sony instead of marvel and promised at least another spider man AdventureMove. Holland did his best to incite hatred. He said Sony's plan is bigger and better than anything he imagined