Secrets about MTV and all their classic shows


MTV was launched on August 1, 1981. It was once called the pioneering network. It was the first channel to play music video. Although initially dedicated to music, over the years, it has developed into a network known for super first-class reality shows. These programs have become the benchmark of Real TV, focusing on some of the most random and problematic topics on TV. Take a look behind the scenes of MTV's most famous shows and discover the secrets and lies that make each episode as incredible as the next. See how this program is doomed to fail.

unusual death toll


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unfortunately, MTV has lost so many young stars on the Internet. Although there are some unfortunate deaths unrelated to MTV, the death toll of young people seems to be higher than that of any other TV station. People began to criticize MTV for putting fewer people than ordinary people into the star circle and then leaving people when they were bored. Then, these young and former stars no longer know how to deal with their lives, fall into a vicious circle of drugs and alcohol, and finally die like many other former MTV stars. In 2013, MTV announced the launch of the latest reality TV series buckwild. The show was originally a red necked version of Jersey coast, but it turned out that the actors were wilder than those of Jersey coast. Before the show, there was a problem with the sex video between the two actors. In addition, a month after the premiere, Salwa Amin, one of the stars, was arrested in a drug hunt in which a large number of illegal substances were found. Soon after, another star, Shane Gandhi, died, and MTV was forced to officially unplug the entire series. This made the show's producer, J.P. Williams, angry with MTV, causing more problems. Do you know MTV is behind the Jersey coast crew? Subtitle: MTV

in the TV series, many "fights" or public confrontations are completed through scripts. So MTV has to talk to the bar owners and bodyguards and pay them to shoot a scene in their own company. They let bodyguards know what's going to happen, then hire them and make them look like they're kicking actors out of the bar, not being too hard on them. For one reason, bodyguards always appear at perfect time, and there is no problem escorting the actor out of the bar who is considered violent and drunk. When shooting the fourth season in Italy, MTV decided to start shooting next season with them on its back. Because the crew has no contact with the outside world, MTV can easily negotiate with their agents and lawyers without the crew's discovery.

MTV did this because they believed that if they told the crew before the deal was done, they would fight against MTV without their permission. The actors were told just as MTV released its fifth season to the public in a press release.

see how MTV is used to control their reality show actors. The relationship between Lauren Conrad and Brody in mountains is not close to reality.

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in the popular MTV series mountains, obviously, the whole relationship between Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner is a lie. Although Conrad admits that she's a little obsessed with Jenna, it has nothing to do with their image on the screen. About their personal relationship, Conrad pointed out that "he is my friend, but it is always very stressful, and even said that they" have no chemical reaction ". To prove how false their love is, in an unedited clip between Conrad and Jenner, after several shots, Conrad turned to the camera and said, "can we finish it?"? This is the most embarrassing thing ever. "

MTV controls the cast of real world through docking payment.

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anything that doesn't happen in front of the camera is considered a waste of time and money. So it's crucial that actors always let producers know if they're going out of the house, even for trivial things like walking. Every time they go anywhere, they have to inform the producers so that the crew can follow them.

if they don't let the producers know, MTV will impose a fine of up to $100 on the actors who violate the program's rules. Considering that actors only make $300 a week, it's not a small loss for the whole cast of $100. Find out why you don't want to be selected to pimp. The contestants in "room Raider" don't know what program they will be on. Photo score: before MTV takes "room Raider", MTV producers will choose contestants without letting them know the content of the program. It's before the age of social media and the fast Internet, so it's easy to keep the show secret. They will only tell these teenagers that they have been selected for an MTV program, which is enough news for most of them. When the crew came to see their room, they would look around their house, even their car, so the contestants didn't know their room had been robbed. Teenagers who don't know about it also like to watch better TV, because they won't clean their rooms when they are preparing for the show. In the past, everyone hopes that their car can be selected to accept the final transformation of the car shop in the West Coast customs. Of course, it turns out that many of these "lucky" winners will be better off driving used cars before the show. It is obvious that after refitting the car, almost all vehicles have poor driving performance and it is illegal to drive on the street, orSay most flashy gadgets are fake. In some cases, after the camera is turned off, they even turn off many additional functions completely, leaving the person with fewer real cars than before. Cooperation on catfish is not always guaranteed.

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in the program, MTV and the program producer try their best to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Although everyone involved in the show has to sign a waiver giving MTV the legal right to shoot them, that doesn't mean they always cooperate. Most of the time, MTV staff will appear at the meeting place, only to find that the catfish has exited, and this episode has also been cancelled.

according to hosts nev and Max, they "can never be 100% sure that catfish will experience this, even if they promise to shoot.". That's why there's a lot of tension in those scenes when we stop to visit, because we're all waiting for the day when catfish won't react or change their mind. "

the truth about the final challenge of the challenge MTV in the program challenge, competitors compete in a series of challenges and receive cash rewards at the end of the series. In an interview, he explained that the final challenge was not so challenging. According to de vincio, the final challenge was much more difficult in the past, and not as difficult as it seemed. Cara sobello, another veteran show host, said: 'what makes them difficult is that they took pictures after shooting for eight weeks, and the contestants' diet and exercise procedures were greatly disturbed. She said: "we don't have enough endurance and strength, our current state is the worst we can achieve! ".