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Without destiny, there would be no Beyonce. Well, maybe, but it's going to be another journey. Known as the "R & B Queen", the "son of destiny" is still one of the largest female voice groups in music history ten years after its last performance. Composed of Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, the women in "the child of destiny" are not only famous for their coordinated ensemble and effortless harmony, especially for their strong and independent images around the world. Their work reflects the aspirations of a generation and will continue to do so in the years to come. This is the story of the son of fate. They started out as a rap group, and they started right away. In the early 1990s, they worked with four other girls, including letoya luckett and latavia Roberson. They call themselves "girls Tyme," promote themselves to spitters, not singers, and even go to star search. But record executives didn't buy it, so they left the whole rap game and started the R & B ensemble that we all know is the son of destiny. Their first album didn't perform as well as industry standards.


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and "no, no, no", Wyclef Jean may be at the top of the R & B singles list, but at the third place in the top singles list. The group's first album of the same name only ranks 67th in the list. It's true that the album won platinum, which made the children of destiny on the charts and on the road of superstar. However, according to some insiders, the number of charts on this album was not impressive when it was first released, especially these women. But we all know that all great things can take a while to fully understand. Their collaboration with McDonald's has made them fall in love with their most interesting partnership for the 2005 World Tour. At the 2005 World Tour, the fast-food chain asked women to put a signature "lovin'it" on their tour names.

the chain has also allowed the group to produce a number of TV ads to promote its various menus around the world, making it difficult for people not to hum along with their slogans. Imagine how much McDonald's has to pay Beyonce today to get the endorsement! In 2001, when destiny's children performed at the Grammy Awards for the first time, they were very nervous. "

" We performed at the Grammy Awards for the first time and we were scared, "Beyonce said in an interview. "Madonna was in the front row, and we had to walk down the stairs in stiletto heels, and we were like, 'Oh God, I hope we don't fall, I hope we sing the right notes! "We just look at each other, shake hands, take a deep breath, pray. We snuffed out the show, and after we won the best combination award, "

the three never worked together

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and the three girls all did one-man shows (Beyonce's at Cadillac Records, Dreamgirl, obsession with , Kelly's girlfriend , Think like a man, Michelle is in Chicago, purple, ferra! They have never really worked together in any role. Except in commercials or TV interviews, unfortunately, they have never combined their acting on the screen. But don't say that entertainment is impossible!

Jay-Z helped Rodney Jerkins to write their popular work "breath holding"

photos taken by Larry Busacca / pw18 / Getty Images for Parkwood entertainment after he co shot "say my name" in 2000. As a result, they also got some help from Jay-Z. According to Beyonce, she was talking to her then "friend" about a new song in her work, and a few minutes later he proposed a choir. Beyonce told MTV, "I told him we heard this crazy song, it would make everyone hold their breath.". He said, "I see," can you keep up? "he actually started singing without hearing the track." They recorded a song for Disney Channel's cartoon series, a picture of John Stanton / WireImage / I>

at the beginning of "son of destiny" rising to superstar, the group cooperated with Beyonce's sister sorange to sing a duet for Disney Channel's cartoon "proud family", which is worth playing! With Beyonce's sister as the lead singer and the two women recording the theme song in 2001, fans are eager to know if and when they will hear Beyonce again. Only time can prove everything.


"bill, bill, bill was co written by candi Burrough and filmed by sgranitz / wirich. It's not a secret, but some people may not know that they wrote some trace band's second album" handwriting on the wall "on the bill, including them, in cooperation with Candi Burrough, a former Xscape member and a reality show star Bill, bill, bill. The song became the band's first hit and won their favorite two Grammy nominations. Kandi also for TLC ("no scrubbing"), pink ("you went"), nsync ("it made me sick"), usher, Mariah Carey, and more.

their hit song survivor was inspired by a joke.

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and the band's hit song "Survivor" is clearly a women's empowerment song that spans decades, inspired by a radio DJ's "survival of the fittest" joke about the group. I think of this radio joke, and they say, "Oh, children of destiny are like survivors, trying to see which members canLive the longest on the island. " Everyone laughed. I said, 'ah, that's lovely, but you know what? I want to use negative things, turn them into positive things, try to write a good song with them, "Beyonce shares with you. They have their own stars on Hollywood avenue of fame. In addition, they also have their own lives The child star home of lucky star. Although they may not have been in the music industry as long as a band, the children of destiny star were awarded the honor of 2035 star in 2006. Ironically, in this year, the band separated and interrupted the solo program indefinitely. However, having a star on Hollywood's Avenue of fame is still an honor these women will never forget. Beyonce's parents, caretaker of Kelly Rowland, photographed by Gabriel Olson / filmmagic, left her abusive husband - but in the end, the family had a happy ending. Kelly moved into the family of Tina and Matthew Knowles in Houston, Texas, and grew up with Knowles. There are even rumors that Matthew Knowles is her real father. Doris died in 2014, shortly after Kelly welcomed her son Titan to the world, "tell me my name"

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the son of destiny's hit film "tell me my name" may have won their first Grammy Award for the group, which is reasonable! This piece of music, which many people can agree with, happens to be very personal to Bailey, and touches on a rather painful topic. It is said that "say my name" is about linderlock, Belle's sweetheart. From their premature birth to their early 20s, bey and lyndall, like any father, Mathew Knowles is very strict with his daughter's dating. The two stayed together until Locke betrayed her. Rumor has it that when a suspicious Bei asked him to say her name out loud, they said on the phone to prove that he didn't cheat! Matthew Knowles gave up his job and became the manager of the son of destiny. When the son of destiny was called the girl Tim, Matthew Knowles worked hard to promote her. In 1995, he quit his job selling medical equipment for Xerox and managed the group on a full-time basis. But the problem is imminent. Like anything worth pursuing, the new business may not succeed immediately, which brings financial pressure to the Knowles family. Fortunately, Tina Knowles came to the rescue. Her main income came from the hairdresser's business. R & B group jagged edge may be the reason why latavia and letoya left. Ltd / WireImage

jagged edge is an R & B team in the 1990s, traveling with the children of destiny. In their time, they may have had several great works, but there are also rumors that they are responsible for latavia and letoya being driven out by the son of fate. In an episode of anonymous about the jagged edges, fans find Matthew Knowles unhappy with the girls. It turns out that when letoya's mother was kicked off the tour bus, the Cayces stood up for her. Soon afterwards, letoya and latavia found out that they had been kicked out of the group! Sorange has almost become the fourth member of destiny's son. Daniel zuchenik's photo, like other members of the team, always has this situation. Unfortunately, children of fate, after the exit of letoya and ladavia, have two huge loopholes to consider. Of course, the first person to consider is Bunon C's sister, orange. As early as letoya and latavia were still in the group, sorange replaced them. Once farafranklin left the group, only Michelle, Kelly and Beyonce were left. Matthew Knowles intended to join sorange, but decided to keep the group as a three person group.

letoya and latavia learned that they were fired from the "say my name" video.

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this is too embarrassing! It turns out that LaToya and latavia were fired from the band after watching the video "say my name". The new four people, bey, Kelly, Michelle and Farrah, are all in the video, but the album version of the song still includes letoya and latavia. Ouch! Letoya herself even said that today, 20 years later, it still stings her. She has been fighting depression long after she left the team. Designers have never thought of designing styles for children of destiny. We bet that designers will blame themselves for this! As a result, no one wanted to imitate the fate of the child, so naturally, Tina Knowles came to save her Damn it, she did it! As the daughter of a seamstress, Tina designed many of the most fashionable looks of the sons of fate during the reign of the group. "High end brands don't want to dress four black curve girls, and we can't afford designer dresses and fashions. My mother was turned down in every showroom in New York. But like my grandmother, she uses her talent and creativity to give her children dreams, "share Beyonce.". Michelle was the last new member of the ever-changing lineup of destiny's son, Michelle Williams soon became famous.

Williams describes her struggle with depression at the peak of her son's fame. In the early days of the group, Williams endured in silence, not fully aware of what had happened. She eventually began to feel guilty about her depression, because a successful person was often ridiculed as unsuccessful. She said she even started suicideAnd strive to be an advocate of artists who strive in silence. Alectra records has given up the children of destiny.

Brill / ulstanbild, before reaching an agreement with Columbia Records in 1996, through photos taken by Getty pictures, the fate of the child had briefly signed a contract with Elektra records. Back in the '90s, Elektra was the best place because it was the hottest' 90s rap and R & B act like Miss Elliott's home. In 1995, however, Elektra removed the group's claim that they were "too young and underdeveloped" from their roster. Bet they are kicking their own stupid mistakes! Kind of reminds you of the Beatles, huh? As the manager of the son of fate, Matthew Knowles knew the potential of this group very early. As a result, he hit the girls hard and made them superstars, which may or may not pay off. It is reported that he let Beyonce run a mile while singing. It is said that she still does this kind of sports today! Although his training may be beneficial to some people, they also pay a price. Latavia once recalled how Matthew made Kelly cry after a performance, and she shouted, "where are you tonight, Kelly? I watched you mess up 12 dance steps. "That's harsh!