Rip: these TV shows are off in 2018


In 2018, the TV industry made rapid progress. Streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix have launched new shows, breaking the boundaries of media. Because these programs attracted our attention, other programs also paid a price. Some old favorites broadcast the last episode in 2018. Do you know that Americans give up after seven seasons? Here are the best shows to be cancelled by 2019. Some people are criticized, but the evaluation is very low. The others simply finished their story. Anyway, these programs may disappear, but they will not be forgotten. Which TV program is your favorite that ends in 2018?

Middle – nine seasons


middle helped to host the nine season performance of ABC's Wednesday night comedy. Plus "modern home," no network can compete with ABC. The TV series is seen as a funny and honest film, which supports the family in the middle class, wins critical praise and a large audience. The decision to end middle class came from the creators of the show. At that time, its ratings were still very high, they hoped to be "outstanding". The ending of the series became a sad and funny love letter for fans, and fans will always remember the laughter they shared with the Hecks!

American – six seasons


is one of the most praised programs in history, and American is the worst. It's on FX, and despite its low ratings, it's still going to last six seasons. Part of the reason is the awards it received, including the Peabody awards in 2014 and 18 Emmy nominations.

if you miss, Americans are married KGB spies disguised as US citizens in Washington, D.C., during the cold war. When FBI agents approached them, their task was complicated.

the next program ends with an actor scandal!

Solitaire house - six seasons

Netflix Netflix

the program that makes Netflix on the list, when Solitaire house was launched in 2013, it was a breakthrough hot program. As the season went on, the plot became more and more bizarre, and critics began to pay attention to the series. "The noise" was very harsh in its Fifth Season Review, which read, "house of cards has been for several seasons." Kevin Spacey was fired for indecency and misconduct after the show's fifth season. The sixth and final season, led by Robin Wright, is considered a complex return.

you are the worst – five seasons –


another well received program with low ratings, you are the worst to shoot this romantic comedy and turn it upside down. The drama tells the story of broken people falling in love and lovelorn when they deal with clinical depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. For a FXX comedy heavy thing! Stephen Falk, creator of the series, once said he had envisioned seven seasons. Now we know his vision of Jimmy and Gretchen won't work, we always want to know what will happen. At least we know they are married and can sleep at night! There was a time when ran for several seasons, lost in his own Disney myth. The first season of the play started well and the ratings were very low. Its first episode was watched by 13 million people, and the last one aired on May 18, 2018 was watched by just 2.27 million people. It can be said that was once a victim of its own story telling. We guess there won't be any fun after the story of Brooke. In the next few days, Jennifer Lopez's return to acting didn't end well. What's the problem with the police drama starring Jennifer Lopez? That's what NBC is betting on when it plays her opponent in blue shadow. For the first time, the show was broadcast as a mid season stand in, and the siren continued to sound for three consecutive seasons. At the end of the show, Lopez thanked NBC for her support and her role in helping her grow into a person. At the end of the show, Lopez returns to the screen in "second act," a film about a woman's reinvention of her life.

young and hungry - five seasons

freeform freeform

this is a side show of freeform. At that time, the TV station decided to launch a more mature audience, and the young and hungry people ran for five seasons. At the end of the program, the TV station promised its fans a movie, but it never aired. However, fans still have a sad ending to the series. Unfortunately, the show will never be broadcast with more cutting-edge programs, such as the bold and the growing . As a victim of the environment, the show stars Emily Osment, a inarticulate food blogger in San Francisco who specializes in understanding what people want to eat. The foster family

- five seasons

free form the foster family may have finished five seasons in 2018, but it got a new life in 2019 and launched a derivative series called "good trouble". The new show will follow in the footsteps of "Callie and Mariana, as they begin on the next phase of their young adult life", which is widely acclaimed, and the foster family tells the theme of LGBT in free form never heard of at that time. Because of its sensitivity, the show won two grad awards and a youth Choice Award. We can't wait for the next chapter!

love – three seasons


a high-profile comedy created by Judd Apatow and broadcast on Netflix, love has never found the audience it needs to stay on the radio in the past 2018. Just like you are the worst, this TV series follows two lovelorn people who love each other but struggle emotionally. As a "down-to-earth dating concept" sold to the audience, critics praised the relevance and reality of the TV play. Gillian Jacobs is the breakthrough star of the show, showingAn incredible comedy timing and dramatic technique.


next step, do you remember which show ended in 2018 made Hulu on the leaderboard?

leisure version – four seasons


let Hulu be on the streaming media show of the ranking, and leisure version ended its best performance in four seasons. Another modern way of dating, critics call it "leisure", "confidence" and "avant-garde". In 2016, it became the first Hulu show to receive awards and attention, and was nominated for the best comedy Golden Globe Award. Since becoming Hulu's first big hit program, streaming media service has expanded its service scope. Have you heard about the maid? The leisure version may make Hulu a top ranked player, but that show makes it a service that must be paid!

Portland – eight seasons


this bizarre performance may be, Portland found a home in IFC in 2011, showing how strange and funny Fred Ameson and Carrie Brownstein are. After the eight seasons, the two stars announced the end of the program, because "there are so many eight seasons." The sentence is suitable for this strange duck show. It aired its final episode on March 22, 2018. It's hard to believe that the show is really over. Maybe in a few years, Ameson and Brownstein will be eager to draw a few more sketches together.

major crime – six seasons


TNT is one of the most successful programs in the history of TNT, and major crime plays an important role in the network's ability to compete with ABC and other broadcast cable TV networks. "As close as possible" and "major crime" split closed in 2018 after more than 100 episodes were broadcast. The decision to cancel the show was not easy for TNT, but the station was looking to rebrand. You can't find a criminal procedure on the Internet these days. Instead, you will find more tenacious bazaars like animal kingdom and claws

12 monkeys - four seasons

Syfy Syfy

as part of Syfy channel's commitment to produce more science fiction programs, 12 monkeys shows the network's commitment to them. Despite an average of 400000 viewers a week, Sophie supports the show's four seasons, desperately hoping it finds the audience it deserves. Critics call the show "bold" and "beautiful It's one of the best science fiction shows on TV. Unfortunately, time travel shows based on Bruce Willis films have never found stability. Syfy shut down a small and crazy fanbase and broadcast the last season of vampire diaries in a three night carnival. In two slides, we can see everyone's favorite "new girl".

the original - five seasons


a successful derivative work of vampire diaries, the original cast a magic spell on its CW audience for five consecutive seasons. After the vampire werewolf hybrid in New Orleans, the show was developed by Julie PleC and found a perfect home on the young crooked CW network.

with the end of the program, CW announced heritage

, a diversity that will focus on the characters in vampire diaries and vampire diaries. The show may be over, but its legacy is actually alive in 2019! New girl attracted 11 million viewers when it premiered in fox in 2011. It was an instant hit that made Zoe Deschamps a star. Her quirks and comedy timing make her the perfect choice for Jesse, a teacher who lives with three boys. The last season of new girl was compressed into eight episodes. It skips four years into the future and sees the character now living a stable career and love life. The final episode of the series was watched by 1.47 million viewers. When ABC decided to end the series, the six seasons of Nashville will be cancelled once in 2016. Fans were furious at the completion of the performance, which was a great tribute to the country music stars. CMT saw an opportunity, seized it and saved it for two seasons. On July 26, 2018, the last episode of CMT aired, giving fans a real ending of their favorite series. Every character has a happy ending. Hayden pantier, Nashville's most famous cheerleader at the time from hero. Scandal is the goddess of ABC. She created not only the still popular anatomy of grey, but also the scandal, which ended in 2018 ten seasons later. The show cemented Rhimes's position as someone ABC could turn to when it needed a new hit show. The impact of

on social media helps keep programs relevant throughout the run. The scandal will be a hot topic on twitter on a regular basis when new episodes are broadcast. The third season premiere featured 3.7 million users.

divorce guide for girlfriend - Season 5

Bravo divorce guide for girlfriend Bravo first set foot in script TV. Created by Marti noxon, premiered in 2015 with 13 episodes. Northen adapted the program from the girlfriend's Guide series. After the first season, each season will give the characters a smart subtitle according to their life position (Guide for girlfriend, etc.). After the second season, Bravo gave it a three season 20 episode sequel. All the episodes were filmed together and then split into the last series.

vandal, USA - two seasons


this is a surprise when Netflix came out in 2017. Vandal, USA has a ridiculous look at high school life. A school reporter began to investigate who doodled on each teacher's car. In the process, viewers are taught not to judge a book by its cover. The second season, released in 2018, received similar praise. The location and characters are new, but the social commentary remains the same. A few months after the second season, Netflix announced that it would not have another season. The last man on earthFans were furious when x announced that the fourth season of "the last man on earth" would be the last. The writers of the play didn't know if they would get the fifth season and ended it with suspense. Fans are eager to finish the show, but they will never get it. Nevertheless, the creators of the show are proud of what they have done in four years. They say they want to show a flawed person that needs everyone around him to disappear and turn him into someone he could have been