Five clips of Selena Gomez you need to review


Selena Gomez has been on gossip blogs a lot recently. Sadly, it's not because of her catchy music or her totally cute movie. Instead, it's all about "are they?". "And Justin Bieber, and the story of her kidney transplant recovery. At the end of the day, we are very concerned about Serena, we hope she is healthy and happy, so she will release another Fab album. Yes, we are so selfish. If you haven't seen her catalog and her videos for a minute, here are five visual and auditory treatments you must watch now!

1. bad liar – this song is sick. Serena as a man in the time warp video? Check!

2. come on, come on - remember when Selena was really obsessed with Indian culture? The end result is this beautiful and colorful video, so whine!


3. who said do you need a refreshing moment? This song is not bad, you will!

4. give me your hand -- Selena, the stalker, is still cute for some reason!

5. tell me something I don't know who doesn't like the origin story? Let's give it up for teenage Selena to swing those Disney friendly dance moves and strange fashion options!