10 high tech health tools will be tried this year


whether your goal is to lose weight, reduce blood pressure or improve your health, these high-tech tools can help you become healthier and healthier in the next year. From activity tracker to scale, it's not just about measuring your weight. Keep reading and look at the latest gadgets you can use to help track your health and fitness. These 10 devices give you the sense of responsibility you need to achieve this year's goals.

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1. Have you ever thought that fitness is more like playing games? Now, at least part of your exercise can! Stealth uses your core power to control the movements on your phone's screen, making static movements such as plank more attractive - to your muscles and brain. Want to improve your motivation? Challenge friends in multiplayer mode. But like other gadgets, it won't work unless you do. It won't be available until June 2017, but you'll want to be an early adopter of the project. Price: $179. Where to find: indiegogo. Com

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2. Bvddy a p p p

brings your search for fitness partners into the digital era. Bvdy is a fluffy style app that you can find other people exercising or exercising. You can also create an activity - say, a football match or a yoga class - that invites your friends and other like-minded people to join in the fun. Or you can simply browse the events in your area that interest you. Now there's no reason not to go out and try a new year! Price: free. Where to find: bvddy.com related:

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3. In recent years, the rise of high-intensity interval training. But you can't always do your best. Input: lit method, representing low impact training. However, this certainly does not mean low intensity. Through a six week video program, you'll get 30 minutes of exercise, targeting your arms and ABS, legs and ABS and the whole body. You're going to burn calories and build a comfortable lean muscle in your home. Then rest and recover your tired muscles. Using LIT kit, you can use drag belt and trophies belt in training, and then use hockey and foam roller to restore muscle. Price: $89.99. Where to find: lit method.com related information:

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4. One of the biggest problems with wisewear smart bracelets so far is that people don't want to wear them in their daily lives because they look wearable. But these wise's smart bracelets are so beautiful that you'll want to wear them to the office, to run errands, even to date at night. In addition to activity tracking, the devices use a technique that lets you alert emergency contacts with three taps on a bracelet. In addition, you have three beautiful designs to choose from. Price: $295 to $345. Where to find: wisewear.com related information:

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5. Buying fashionable and functional sportswear doesn't have to be as exhausting as exercise. Of course you don't need to go shopping anymore. With sweatshirts, you can deliver fresh vests, lovely tights and sports bras to your doorstep every month (or every other month or quarter, if you want). Just fill in your style profile and what type of exercise you do, whether you like basic or fashion work, if you like neutral or print. Keep what you want and send back what you don't want. But be careful. It's addictive. Price: $20 modeling fee + anything you decide to keep. Where to find: myswatstyle.com related information: learn more about sports styles and get a $20 discount points: myswatstyle. Com

6. Apple watch Nike +

talk about a strong collaboration! Nike and apple have teamed up to create the ultimate fitness tracker. By entering the Nike + run club, you can not only track your runs, but also get motivated to really start running. If you want to relax and run after swimming, it's durable, lightweight and even water-resistant for 50 meters. Like all Apple watches, it syncs with your phone and keeps you in touch. Price: from $369. Where to find: apple. Com


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7. The numbers on the Withings body cardio scale

can only show your fitness progress, but the Withings body cardio scale provides more comprehensive information about the real components of your body beyond your weight. It syncs with your mobile device to track your weight, body fat percentage and heart health. It allows you to track your progress (shown to you as a chart), which is just another tool to help you maintain your fitness and fitness goals. Price: $107.97. Where to find: within.com related:

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smart devices are springing up everywhere. Your water glass is only quantified. You know you should drink more water. But how? How much more? The pryme vessyl app helps you calculate how much water you should drink based on age, height, weight and activity levels, and then track it through sensors in the cup. It's a very expensive price to pay for a drink, but if your goal is to drink more water without putting too much thought into it, this device will certainly help. Price: $99. Where to find: myvessyl. Com

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9. The free myplate food and fitness tracker feature of the myplate calorie tracker website allows you to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals faster and more easily. There's even a free mobile app. With myplate, you can see how many calories you should take every day to reach your goal, and you can easily track your diet with one clickAnd exercise to get daily motivation and tips, personalized meal plans, daily nutrition charts, charts and goals, and good community support. Price: free. Where to find: livestrong.com related information: learn more about livestrong.com's myplate application Credit: dragon picture / iStock / Getty picture

10. The more powerful 8-week online exercise program

these 10 body breakdown HIIT, strength and plyo training are created by celebrity coach Nicky holender to make your body look like you spent a few hours in the gym, only 30 minutes a day. These exercises are challenging, fun and do not require any equipment, so you can do them in the living room, bedroom, basement or hotel room. Best of all, they're completely free and you can see them anywhere you have an Internet connection - on your laptop, mobile phone and / or tablet. Price: free. Where can I find: Livestrong. Com

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