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eating a healthy, balanced vegetarian or vegan diet can be challenging without proper planning. You need to pay attention to some specific nutrients, including iron, calcium and vitamin B12 and D. you may find yourself reading a lot of nutrition labels to know which foods contain which nutrients. You may also need to read the ingredients list carefully. Although vegetarians or vegetarians have obvious violations of their diet (such as meat), some seemingly harmless foods do not work well. Here are seven common foods that you think are vegetarians or vegetarians, but surprisingly none of them. Credit: Twenty20 / @ kellyprincewrites

1. Yogurt

we all know that yogurt is not a vegetarian, but do you know that your favorite brand may not be a vegetarian? Some yogurt contains gelatin, a thickener made by boiling a pile of surplus animal products, such as skin, bone and cartilage. Disgusting. Dannon, Yoplait and Noosa yogurt all contain gelatin, so don't eat them if you don't eat meat. Also make sure to check all food labels for "gelatin" or its sneaky nickname "hydrolyzed collagen."

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2. Instant noodles

Ramen: lunch choices for college dormitory residents and busy professionals. Most instant noodles seem to be vegetarians (or at least vegetarians), because the main ingredients obviously include vegetables and noodles, but that's not always the case. For example, the popular Mashan seasoning noodles seem to be vegetarian, but the seasoning package contains ingredients such as beef seasoning and beef powder. So you can enjoy instant noodles like carnivores and find healthier alternatives, such as Dr. McDougall's vegetarian instant soup and ramen, or Anne spring's Udon soup bowl.

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parmesan cheese

this delicate cheese is the favorite combination of Italian food, garlic sauce and pasta, not vegetarian. Parmesan cheese is made from an enzyme used to separate milk into curds and whey. This enzyme comes from the rennet of animals - especially calf rennet - which comes from the stomach wall of calves. Does it sound appetizing? Other cheeses, including Gruyere and gorgonzola, also use rennet, so be sure to check the ingredients list or consult the restaurant chef. Some cheeses are made from liquid plant rennet extracted from plant or microbial sources. Step on it! Vegetarians produce vegetarians that are plant-based, dairy free and lactose free, not parmesan cheese.

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4. Beer and wine

no matter what kind of wine you like - Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, ROS é - seems to have been settled. The strong flavor extracted from grapes does not include animal by-products. However, animal derived ingredients can be used in the manufacturing process. It includes protein, pectin and something called fish glue. Fish glue is used to improve clarification in many types of wine and beer, and is made from fish's bladder. Fish glue from sturgeon and other freshwater fish is also a popular beer additive, such as Guinness. To make sure your favorite wine or beer drink doesn't have egg or fish flavors, visit barnivore.com, an online vegetarian beer, wine and white wine guide.

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5. Non dairy cheese

generally, cheese is labeled as non dairy, but it can also include dairy products. How is this possible? The food and Drug Administration's regulations on food labeling allow "non dairy products" to include ingredients from milk, as long as the label also mentions the use of dairy products. Confused? Some brands of non dairy creams usually contain milk derived ingredients such as sodium caseinate. Please check the ingredient list before using the suspicious Powder Cream in the waiting room of the auto repair shop or the coffee shop in the office.


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Credit: tweety20 / @ Nina P 6. Candy shop is a color, texture... And the animal part of the carnival? (oh my God!) Candy, such as gummy bear, marshmallow, corn sugar, and starburst sugar, usually contains gelatin, an ingredient extracted from animal sources. According to Lynette Astaire, a lifestyle expert and author of "Forever 21: Juice deodorization, health + wealth + forever youth," gelatin is an animal derived ingredient that slips into many things we don't realize. That's why marshmallows are not vegetarian. There's also bear gum, sauces, desserts and frosts, and even some medicines. As always, read your label. Use agar as a healthier alternative when cooking [recipes that need gelatin]. "To find veggie candy, consult PETA children.

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7. Spanish Rice

Mexican food is full of fresh and tender vegetables, which is the best choice for vegetarian diet. A salsa sauce contains 15% vitamin C and many other nutrients, including vitamins A, B and D, as well as iron, calcium and magnesium. Typical Pico de Gallo preparation includes raw, undercooked vegetables, including tomatoes, garlic, onions, peppers, and d-limes. In a typical Mexican restaurant, there are several dishes with vegetarianism, but pay attention to Spanish Rice. Although Spanish Rice looks mild, it is usually made of chicken soup, so check with the waiter before ordering. Consider other vegetarian options as well: Avocado sauce, Veggie fajita, burrito, quesadilla, tosta and taco salad (keep cheese and make sure frozen beans are not cooked in lard).

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8. Fried beans

P> and beans: together, rice and beans form a complete protein, so eating beans and vegetarian rice in a Mexican restaurant can become a vegetarian dietHealth choices. Unfortunately, many recipes require lard to be added to soy products, especially frozen soy products. Make sure your beans are plain before ordering. If lard is added to frozen beans, other options such as black beans may be free.

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What do you think? Do you have any suggestions for a balanced vegetarian diet or eating out? Are you a vegetarian or a vegetarian? What other challenges do you face when shopping or eating in restaurants? Please let us know in the comments.

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