Kardashian hates pork? There are nine other foods that celebrities don't eat


if you can't hear the latest celebrity recipes in a day, it's hard. Everyone wants to know what the stars eat for a healthy body, but in fact, the food they don't eat is more interesting. In fact, you might be surprised to find that stars like Taylor Swift, Chris tigan and Jimmy Fallon have some pretty strange aversions to food. Whether it's because they follow strict eating habits or just picky eaters, here's the most unexpected food your favorite celebrity absolutely refuses to eat.

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1. Tom Brady, the nightclub, is one of the only two people in the history of the American Football League to win five Super Bowls. Sports legend Tom Brady apparently did something different from others - again, his diet taboo. The New England Patriots quarterback insists on strict diet, which means avoiding dark vegetables (such as tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes and peppers). Although Brady didn't directly explain why he didn't eat them (except for his wife, Giselle bunchen), it's likely that he was as sensitive to night as many people and suffered many unpleasant side effects. Brady also refused to eat strawberries, until recently, he said, he just never had the desire to eat strawberries before. Whatever you say, Tom!

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2. Recently, reality star Khloe Kardashian announced through her app that she never and never would eat pork. In fact, she said she would rather gain 10 pounds than eat. While some of us can't imagine life without Bacon's simple pleasures, Kardashian says she can't even have it nearby. " "I don't think I've ever eaten pork at home, nor will I," she explained. It turns out that when it comes to many of the most popular forms of pork, Kardashian may get something. MEG Donahue, a nutritionist, explained: "if you want to pursue the best health, it's definitely a good choice not to go on a diet." The World Health Organization has found that eating processed meat (such as hot legs, bacon, sausages and hot dogs) increases your risk of colorectal cancer by 18%. "Er.

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Christy Teigen, topsof egg McMuffin s

the model and cook book author has been committed to a healthy life while still indulging in her favorite things - which means that occasionally there will be McDonald's egg McMuffin. But while tigan does allow herself to live a little, the new mother has a rule: she always removes the top of the British muffin to make it "healthier." But is it enough to get rid of the top part of the muffin to make spending worthwhile? Unfortunately, breakfast hackers may not have cut it off yet. " Donahue said: "I don't recommend eating the whole egg. It contains three substances that help to reduce health and gain weight: saturated fat, refined sugar and excess salt. Gwyneth Paltrow, corn. Although Paltrow needs a lot of calories for some more bizarre health and health rules, one of the more common things she avoids is corn. Patello started a corn free diet as early as 2016 as part of the cleaning process, and insisted on it (patello's health coach, Dr. Frank Lipman, discouraged eating =" HTTPS:> corn, because he said most of the corn in the United States is processed through Canada Gene transformation of workers). But if you can buy good things, corn may have some positive benefits for your health. " If you stay away from processed corn (such as high fructose corn syrup) and genetically modified crops, corn is not what we usually think of as a nutrient deficient food. Organic whole corn has carotenoid antioxidants (which help keep eyes and skin healthy) and high fiber, vitamin C and magnesium content. "

: span> Jamie McCarthy / Getty Image Entertainment / gettyignotion / span> H3> 5. Karl Lagerfeld, lunch

this eccentric fashion designer is famous for his uniqueness - from drinking nearly 10 cans of diet coke every day to having a completely independent home for dinner. But "food" that lagfield would not eat at all could only harm his health. The 84 year old refused to have lunch. While we're sure he's busy designing some of the most sexually appropriate clothes, not having lunch can have some serious negative effects on your body. "


" not having lunch can reduce your productivity, "Donahue explained. You need brain food. Your brain uses 20% of its energy. When you don't eat often, your blood sugar can also become abnormal - a sharp drop - which can make you mentally deranged, dizzy and irritable. "Even worse, it can disrupt your overall diet plan." If you don't have lunch, you may find your healthy eating plan thrown out of the window at dinner. Not only can we overeat, but we can also overeat high calorie foods when we are hungry. "I'm sorry, Carl." Laird Hamilton, this is not a seasonal fruit