Upper class society or garbage society? What your cocktail says about you


When it comes to alcoholic beverages, everyone seems to prefer a particular poison. The libation that most people say to you actually gives you insight into what your day is like, what your mood is, and even your personality. No one knows this better than the bartenders, bartenders and cocktail experts who make these fascinating works. That's why we've consulted with professionals to find out what popular strong drinks people might find ordering. "They want and how to get it," said Diana pantoga, a bartender at Randolph bar lounge in Manhattan. But a Dirty Martini can be a little twisted if you like. If someone orders a Dirty Martini, he's ready to have a good time and blend in with anyone, according to feisser stone, founder and creative director of baringual, a bar advisory group. As a result, the drink is popular with those who want to relax their rule and light up the city. " "No one drinks dirty martinis alone," said will Benedetto, the hospitable company's cocktail director. You either know the people you're with, or you know them. "

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Long Island Iced Tea


is popular among young people. This kind of liquor is a mixture of gin, vodka, tequila, rum and three second spirits, plus a little coke. As a good measure - it may make the indulgent feel its influence the next morning. When someone orders the cocktail, they are usually on a mission to get there as soon as possible, "Pantoja said. "I found these drinkers young and unfamiliar with the sport," she said. They don't care much about the taste (and quality) of the drink. They're just trying to make a splash. " For Josh Cameron, head of bartender at the Bolton & watt hotel in New York City, the drink is nostalgic, but that's it. " Ah, the old long island. "We did go through some wild times," he said. But I don't want to keep going to bars. "In other words, now listen to the following:

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a can of light beer

people who order beer are usually very easygoing." "They may be more social in the bar, more concerned about who they are with, rather than drinking," said Dave Whitton, the owner of the prank bar. "Their palettes are usually less refined (or picky) than those who like IPAs, and their bank accounts may not be ready to pay higher bar bills." First year salespeople drink beer cans with the staff of the first impromptu show class that just signed u p - any beer - as long as it's in one can, "Cameron said,

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if you're the kind of person who likes to drink with coconuts or pineapples, you may also be responsible for giving your social media friend fo Major Mo - that's what you want. "Most people who order tropical or Tiki drinks are in their early 20s to middle age and order for instagram," Stone said. They want cocktails with flames or big decorations, and they want to record a dart as the bartender pours. " "

that is to say, you may just like the fruit flavor of Mattel or pizza cola." You might dream of a slower, warmer day, with your toes in the sand, and then - well, I say - Jimmy Buffett is playing, "Cameron said." credit card:


when it comes to Jimmy bafitt, if you're going on a trip to margaritville every time you order a drink, you might be a lot of fun. People. " "You're going to turn this evening into a party and everyone will be invited," said will Benedetto, cocktail director at a hospitable company.

Marguerite is a variety of drinks (on rocks or frozen, spicy, sour and sweet). This means that you can adapt to different environments and get along well with all kinds of people who can make friends anywhere you go.

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whisky on ice

is usually called "Dad's drink". This drink is usually said by stone that it is the order of "a person who lives according to the principle of" work hard, work hard ". Or they may be true fans of the TV show suit, which popularized the drink among people in their 20s and 30s. "Every time a character drinks in the office, they always take out a bottle of McCarran," he said. "Credit card:

red wine

may not be a popular order in the bar, but for some people, it's the only option." "People who drink red wine are elegant and like the good things in life," Wheaton said. After working all day, they always want to relax, whether in the bar or on the sofa at home, they will choose to drink red wine. Cheap off the shelf bottles.


old style

if you like this little bite, you are sure of yourself, rather than a person chasing the current trend. " "From millennials to baby boomers, traditional drinkers are timeless and sophisticated - you don't find them ordering," Wheaton said. They have a strong traditionalist with a strong will. " "


Benedetto added that this type of patron tends to be more mature and not fussy, at least that's an idea." "They want everyone in the bar to know that they are an experienced, mature drinker, immune to cocktail menus and stevia," he said. In other words, it's all fancy pants.

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there is always a person in the bar who works hard and will not go home soon. If a person doesn't pass out first, ordering food instead of drinking alcohol means that he is ready to go out before midnight. "

" people who order are usually a little too interesting, "Wheaton said. They always volunteer to go to karaoke first. They will lose friends in the evening.”But when they start buying photos for people around them, they usually find new friends.

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according to stone, people in their early 20s usually order this drink because it's a cool classic drink they've heard before (usually thanks to "big Lebowski"). "It's a very sweet drink, almost the consistency of a milkshake," he explained. "Most people over 25 don't order unless it's a nightcap." That said, if this is what you drink at 6 p.m., I will question whether you have reached the legal drinking age. What cocktail would you like? Do you think there is anything on a drunk person? What's the strangest drink you ordered?

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