11 Body-Rocking BOSU Ball Exercises

more advanced side lunges, these side jumps will make you breathless. (picture: Travis McCoy / travismccoy. Com)
  1. alternate legs with jumping to increase firepower for side lunges. After completing the side lunge, do not return to the standing position after each repetition, but take off from the Bosu ball and change your feet in the air. Go back to the side lunge, but on the other side. Continue alternating sides. Printing! Click here to get a printable version of this workout

    or even more Bosu ball exercises

    when it comes to exercises that can be done with Bosu balls, you have many options! Be creative and see if you can add Basu to some of your favorite exercises. Or try one of the following:

    • the Russian rotary type
    • the forearm bracket type
    • the shoulder lift type
    • sit up type
    • the back extension type
    • the boat type
    • the bike sit up type
    • the push up Bosu
    • plyometric.Push UPS