These Hilarious Corgis Will Make Your Day 10x Better

Corgis are the best for a variety of reasons: stubby little legs, unbelievably round bodies that are too big for aforementioned legs, and look of constant amusement in their face. You're probably here because you've ended up in the corgi-dominated sector of the Interwebz and you need more corgi pictures to swoon over. Well, here you go! We're sure you'll relate to #3 the most.

Just Checking In


Photo: corgifeed/Instagram

Oh, hello there. This is Cooper the corgi and according to his owner, he just heard you open that bag of Doritos. Of course, you're not going to let Cooper have a Dorito but his adorableness in begging might just be enough for you to get up and get him his very own treat.

Next time you want to eat your snacks in peace, good luck. 95% of the time dogs will perk up at the sound of your feet just walking to the kitchen.