These Pets With Snapchat Filters Will Brighten Your Day

Snapchat has grown to become the fourth most popular social media platform out there (Facebook is number one, with Instagram and Pinterest second and third.) The app has 187 million daily users, as of February 2018, and is borderline addicting. When Snapchat was initially created, researchers thought that it would mostly be used for sexting, as the content disappears after a set time. But, that has not been the case. Many users go straight to Snapchat to get a good laugh, and once we learned the filters work on pets' faces, we just had to take advantage of it. Here's what happens when you apply a Snapchat filter to a cat or dog!

Small Face No Problem


Bear / Pinterest

This cat just had an attitude adjustment. Its big mouth got reduced to the size of a fingernail. The eyes are smaller than pennies. The filter used on this cat is remarkable because it actually looks realistic- in a way. You look at it once, then again, then closer... it doesn't get old.