Understanding Forex signals

As a trader, you will probably have a fair understanding of all aspects of Forex trading. Some of them are quite specific and additional attention should be given to them. One topic in particular is the use of Forex signals. All traders should have basic idea of these signals, but a good understanding of their importance in trading and accordingly their practical necessity and further appliance. It's likely that you will have read through numerous reviews which have given some idea of what makes the best Forex signals. Our mission is to remove the uncertainty from this topic and determine what it is that makes a good Forex signal. But first, what is a Forex signal? An FX signal is a recommendation, that can be made by a human analyst or either by software or a trading robot. A signal contains the information for entering a concrete trade on a currency pair, with a determined price and time. We know that daily Forex signals run in real time, which is why they have various methods of notification. The most common ones are SMS, Twitter, websites, RSS or email. The aim of this article is to provide you with a detailed overview and a good comprehension of signals.

Types of foreign exchange signals

The type of signal is determined by the particular function it may have and how it generally operates. Technically there are two types of FX signals which are permanently available in Forex market, and they are:

Manual Forex signals Automated Forex signals

If we describe the first type, we acknowledge that when using this type of signal, a trader has to sit in front of the computer for a large amount of time, looking for signals to make a final decision on whether to buy or sell a certain currency. As you can see, the decisions made by a trade here are all based on his interpretation and that can be a time consuming process. The use of these Forex daily signals has an interdependent connection with manual trading. A human trader is able to assess the foreign exchange market in a way that programs don't - they can see when it is moving in an unpredictable and awkward manner, and thus is able to pull out of trades. A trader has certain skills and experience, and isn't just limited to codes and programmed settings like automated systems, so they can get a feeling as to whether certain trades will be profitable.

Now we should move to the other type of FX trading signals. What is significant about automated FX signals, is that the trader only commands the software to seek what signals to look for. The human psychological stress involved in the process is totally excluded. As a result, the software will automatically interpret what action to choose: buy or sell a concrete currency. Trading in this manner can be quite accurate as long as the program has been done in a proper way and by a real professional. The robot, we'll call it in this case, can process much more data compared to a human FX trader. This means that you are personally able to manage several currency pairs at one time, and you will also be able to monitor all the charts you desire 24/7 and without missing any significant signals. Nevertheless, the most successful appliance of signals is often by utilising a hybrid of both types which is actually what most Forex gurus do.

As for the purchase, both manual and automatic Forex trading signals can be acquired online. When you intend to buy, check first that the signal offers you a free trial. Legitimate businesses will allow you to test the information, and make sure it is good quality prior to buying it. To ensure that a trader is obtaining the information that will benefit him or her in the end, they should only cooperate with companies who are willing to provide previous, evaluated results. Furthermore, those firms who validate their information are much easier to trust rather than companies who refuse to grant traders a free trial and access to audited results. That is definitely the policy of top Forex signals.

Main signal systems and their peculiarities

We'll now move on and discuss manual and automated systems, which in fact provide us with the signals mentioned above. In manual Forex signal systems, signals are generated by a human analyst sitting behind the computer. Therefore, the analyst spends time looking for the certain signals and interpreting them. As for an automated FX signal system, the currency trading signals are produced by Forex robots using specific software and consequently interpreting them.

We would like to outline the kinds of services available under the FX signal system. First there are paid signals which originate from one provider through either personal analysis or automatic analysis via algorithms. Next are the paid signals which originate from multiple sources or various systems. And the last option, which we have mentioned before and often supplies the best Forex trading signals, is trading software which is managed by a Forex robot. Whatever you choose must be your own choice and it should meet your own needs.

We should also mention features that are offered by signal service providers - you'll encounter these if you apply Forex trade signals. The characteristics are the following:

Forex account management FX signal analysis assistance and availability of supporting graphs for subsequent interpretation Educational and training resources A Forex signal system trial period - either free or at a reduced price Extra interaction between the provider and the client through special forums and comments The availability of trading history Approximate loss figures on entry, exit and stop for different traders on the currency pairs

Unfortunately, there are some people in the market that provide fake and unreliable Forex signals online which may cause you to lose money, so be careful not to let anyone deceive you.

MQL signals

MQL signals are trading signals in MetaTrader 4. The first thing to mention is that MT4 trading signals allow you to mechanically follow or copy the trades of FX signal suppliers directly out of the MetaTrader 4 platform. Additionally, signal suppliers are able to share their signals inside the wide community of various users. There is a good chance for providers to earn money if anyone decides to follow them. In turn, there are many easy-to-use Forex trading signals to be followed, because they are easily accessible in your MT4 account underneath the tab labelled 'Signals'. If you decide to turn them on, the only thing you should do is just sign up for a MQL5 community username. After authorisation, you can enter it with all the necessary settings in your FX trading platform. There are also advantages to social trading for FX traders, one of which being that makes it easier to find accurate Forex signals. You can also save in fees and risk is diversified. If you have your own manual strategy or for instance an Expert Advisor that works well, the MQL may approve it and thus share. If you do not want to build up your own strategy, as it can be quite a difficult and time consuming process, then you can follow a particular trader who you deem to be trustworthy. Your account is also protected, so you do not have to worry when you make a decision to follow a trader, as only you can control your account. There are two more important features of MQL. The tireless amounts of paperwork are a thing of the past, so you can start copying reliable Forex signals immediately. Finally, there are low barriers to entry, so as you can see, utilising the MQL can really prove useful for your trading.


As we approach the end of the article there is something else which ought to be outlined. FX signals require at least a basic knowledge of Forex trading. There are a lot of signal providers and opportunities on offer in 2018, but they are of no use if you cannot fully comprehend what you are trading. This Forex signals review outlines what you should know to get the best understanding of signal appliance. As you apply manual or automated signals, you have to pay attention to all the present advantages and disadvantages accordingly. Signals do not provide 100% profit, still using them wisely has a high possibility of gaining actual profit. Consider what you choose, your style of trading as well as abilities, and you will not go wrong.