You Wont Believe These Facts About Some Of The Worlds Most Adorable Animals!

It is undeniable that animals are one of the most fascinating things about our beautiful planet. They can be big or small, ferocious or loving, and not-so-cute or downright adorable. Although some of these animals are so adorable they make our hearts melt, we forget that there is much more to them than a sweet face. These animals are deeply complex in their own ways which make them all the more fulfilling to look at. From flying marsupials to pygmy hippopotami, here are some incredible facts about the world's most adorable animals.

We all want a fennec fox and you'll see why!

Red Pandas


Photo Credits: Odyssey

Red pandas are quite the bundle of fluff-filled joy. They grow to be about the size of the average house cat weighing 10 to 12 pounds, yet their tails add an additional 18 inches. Living high in the mountains of Nepal, Myanmar, and central China, they use their tails as their personal blankets to keep warm. When they aren't sleeping in the trees, they are foraging for bamboo, fruit, acorns, roots, and even eggs. Except for mating, red pandas are typically shy and solitary with young red pandas remaining in the nest for only 90 days. Currently, red pandas are an at-risk species due to deforestation with their population decreasing.