A partner of Justin Timberlake and Rizzo is on their way


A fashion veteran and a new pop giant are working together. Justin Timberlake and Rizzo first met at the songwriters Hall of fame ceremony in June 2019, and then went to the studio together. When Timberlake first asked the "really hurt" singer to go to the studio together, she didn't believe him. "

" I'm like "if you want to write, I'm a fan." she thinks I'm lying, "Timberlake told entertainment tonight. "We have some ideas - I don't know when to come out, but they are very good." Recently, Timberlake admitted that he wanted to record with some "young, fresh people" who he thought were "really amazing.". He thinks lizzo is one of those artists. It sounds like Timberlake's idea is right, because everything lizzo seems to be exposed to turns into gold. For six weeks in a row, she broke the record with her gripping "true love hurts people" and became the top 100 billboard hit list.

Timberlake may be a legend in pop music, but he has to find new ways to connect with today's music industry, and lizzo is the best way to do that.