Leonardo DiCaprio would not have been Titanic without Paul Luther


In every actor's career, there is a point that can transform them from a general position to a legendary position. For Leonardo DiCaprio, the movie that changed everything was James Cameron's Titanic. This made him famous and one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. Well, Paul Rudd just revealed that DiCaprio is not sure if he wants to play Jack Dawson's idol role. In the 1996 movie Romeo + Juliet, DiCaprio and Rudd play Romeo and Earl of Paris respectively. During filming, DiCaprio told Rudd that he had received an invitation to play Titanic. He said it was a film studio movie. It's Titanic Kevin Rudd who said on the Graham Norton show: "I said, 'this is incredible,'" Kevin Rudd revealed that DiCaprio has not yet fully decided whether to play the role. "

" Leo said, "well, I don't know what I'm going to do," and I said, "well, you should." Rudd said. Thank God, because we can't imagine anyone else playing Kate Winslet's role. Kevin Rudd helped create the Hollywood superstar we know and love today