These celebrities were found lying on social media


Celebrity gossip is a sinful pleasure for many people. Why focus on your own drama when social media is full of other people's stuff and you can spend your time on them? The best is when gossip is their own material, such as bad photos, lies, photo theft. Some people can't help lying under the pressure of the public being impressed by their image. Too bad fans have hawk eyes. They always catch famous people with white lies! Well, it's good for us, because some of these pictures and tweets are gold. It's no secret that Kim K and blac Chyna are looking for extra attention. First of all, they are best friends, then they quarrel for the rapper taga, and then they become friends again. You can graduate girls from high school, but you can't graduate girls from high school. Back in 2014, friends uploaded a photo that seemed to be just another "we need to pay attention". They didn't consider the Hawkeye of the fans. They noticed that it was a picture. Gift? A rickety doorframe in the background. In 2014, more nonsense happened in the world of celebrities. In terms of technology, Justin Bieber didn't lie on social media. Still, he wants his fans to think the plane is actually a Christmas present for them. On Christmas Day 2014, the coffins flew on a private plane he "prepared" for the festival (because jet planes are a common gift for himself). In his instagram title, he wrote, "the new jet for Christmas, she's beautiful." Fans think he's hinting that he bought a jet, and in fact, he rented a G4 to fly from Canada to New York. I'm sorry, Justin. Maybe someone bought you a plane as a wedding present this year. Even body empowerment advocates like Beyonce are trapped in the rabbit hole of Photoshop software. Time magazine listed the singer, songwriter and actress as one of the 100 most influential people, and Forbes called her one of the leading figures in the entertainment industry. But despite her notoriety, Queen B couldn't help taking a few pictures. On her 33rd birthday, someone took a quick picture of her coming down the stairs of a yacht. If you look between her legs, there is a very twisted staircase. It looks like the curvy singer wants to see what the gap in her thigh looks like.

. Carole Kardashian thanked the Lovely Lady Jane, who was said to be "very proud" of herself, baking some delicious Thanksgiving desserts. She posted a picture of pies, monkey bread and cupcakes that didn't look frosted. Unfortunately, these treats are not as perfect as khlo é initially thought. According to TMZ, her hard-working pie actually came from sweet Lady Jane, a bakery in Los Angeles. It seems that Kardashian's only job is to put dessert on the counter and take some photos. She probably didn't go to the store to get it at all! Maybe she will make a deep impression on us at Thanksgiving. Oh, she did it again. It seems that there is a new celebrity chef in the town, although we don't think she will be invited to the chef's guest role soon. In January 2016, Britney Spears posted a photo of corn on her instagram feed, titled "it's too good to be true.". Technically, the international pop star didn't lie. Unfortunately for Britney, @ misterpreda was loud. He posted a picture of the corn he found on After a few laps, b-spears found the photo and decided to post it more easily instead of making his own corn. It seems that Jenner's mother doesn't care about wrinkles. Apart from false lips and Botox, Chris Jenner and her daughters have something in common, that is, some less secretive Photoshop techniques. The point of this photo is that if Gordon Ramsey doesn't post the same photo on his instagram, it's OK! Like many celebrities, Chris doesn't like wrinkles. When we ordinary people see them as symbols of wisdom, experience and growth, mother Jenner thinks it's best to remove them from her and Ramsey's faces. Too bad for her. The chef decided to release the same pictures, wrinkles and everything. The angel lies like a devil. Miranda Kerr has been modeling since she was 13 years old. When she became Australia's first Victoria's Secret model, her career took off. Since then, she has been one of the highest paid models in the industry. But with fame and success comes great pressure, especially for lingerie models. Fashion magazine released a photo of Kerr and two fellow angels after the 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show. The picture on the left shows that Kerr's body is normal, while the picture on the right definitely has weight-loss effect on the model's stomach. Kerr denied changing the photos, saying she found them online. Does anyone else know that kink has lost his arm? As a person with more than 146 million fans, you will think Kim will check her photos carefully before publishing them to social media. But there's a lot to say about this picture. It seems that she wants to make her waist thinner and hips wider, but she seems to have wiped off her arm. The best thing is that after editing this picture, she uploaded it before she could put her arm back. No, Kim, your arm doesn't look like it's behind him. It seems that Justin Bieber has a habit of releasing some traffic modes that are not his own!

Biebs really needs to stop!

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is similar to but different from the fiasco of his Christmas jet. Justin directly claimed that red Bugatti was his, and wrote, "Uncle Stunna luv. My first Bugatti was "generous.". Originally an extravagant gift, it turned out to be a borrower for rapper bertman. However, we didn't blame Justin for wanting the car. Bodman's Bugatti, worth nearly $2 million, is clearly very friendly to instagram. Although the car won't stop at Bieber's in the near future, Mr. Berman said he would be very welcome to borrow it whenever he was in Miami. Bodman apparently hasn't seen Justin's record in cars.

Soulja boy lied about his wealth


Soulja boy, also known as de Andre Cortez way, is one of the most popular rap singers in 2009. In 2010, Forbes named him the industry's highest paid rapper (we're not sure how). At that time, social media was a new thing on the Internet. So why don't rappers want to show off their new wealth? The "freak" rapper posted a picture of him holding something that looked like 50000 dollars. But leave it to the Internet to call up rappers. That pile is fake. It was noted that this was a $100 slip on a pile of white paper. The rapper deleted the article. It is obvious that 21 years old is the right age to start eating cereal food. In September 2018, Kylie Jenner, a 21-year-old girl who just found cereal, tweeted that she had eaten cereal for the first time when she was 21. Obviously, milk and dry grain was a life changing experience for her. Unfortunately one of her followers decided to call her. Joseph Shepard took full control of Jenner, saying she posted a bowl of cereal with milk on instagram a few years ago. There is a lot to say about this article. First of all, who doesn't eat oatmeal before the age of 21? And why does she boast about cereal? Paris Hilton: socialite, heiress and inventor,


history was taken on November 19, 2006 by Paris Hilton, a famous socialite, and Britney Spears, a pop star. "Today, 11 years ago, Britney and I invented selfie," Hilton tweeted! "Unfortunately, there's a lot of photographic evidence to refute that. It's likely that Hilton is just using the title to make some joking humor, but that doesn't invalidate her claims. According to an article in the New York Times, the first selfie shot with a camera dates back to 1839! It seems that the invention of Paris is a few years late. At that moment, people call you and ask you to use Google Image


someone really needs to take Kim Kardashian's mobile phone away, because she seems to be inseparable from social media. Given the number of fans of the reality star, she may feel the need to post the most beautiful photos she can find. Unfortunately, this picture is not as perfect as it looks. It is likely that followers will choose Google for further research in Thailand. Unfortunately, Kim, fast search will show that the image is actually a pre-existing image. With all the money of this woman, why not travel to Thailand? Don't be embarrassed anymore, Kim! Although it's not as bad as pretending to have a jet plane, it's not so good. To make her waist look slimmer, Lilo turned to a celebrity favorite Photoshop. Unfortunately, for the former teen star, the end result is not as good as she thought. We think the house may just have a strange wavy staircase, and Lindsay is right in front of it. But we think the more obvious reason is that Rohan's armature Photoshop skill stairs are not stable. Maybe next time she will check her work before posting. When the fans realized that khlo é Kardashian had photographed her leg in one of her instagram posts, they were disappointed. Although the editor is delicate, unlike some of our celebrity editors, you can still see that the door frame next to her is a little curved. After some fans called her out, something unexpected happened. Some fans not only didn't get angry with her, but also supported her very much. Some even commented on the photo, saying, "you don't need Photoshop, you're in great shape." That day, khlo é posted the original picture and said, "if Hardin burns calories, what would dope yall look like?". I'm sorry not. This is an og snapshot. It seems that queen B didn't learn from her mistakes. Bey was once praised for her feminine curves, as well as her deadly pipes, and her prosthetic thigh space returned. Obviously, Mrs. Carter didn't really care, because she seemed too worried about her thigh gap, or lack of it, and left it to her armature editor. If you remember, it's not the first time she's tried it in Photoshop. A fan called queen B said, "my God, this is not even her leg!! Photoshopping is getting ridiculous! "Become real." It just shows that no matter how talented or famous you are, the standards of beauty that society can't meet can still affect your view of your body.

didi is just stealing other people's works from outside.


when someone becomes famous, they should participate in a learning forum to learn how to correctly publish pictures on social media. Or directly to the public relations personnel. In Didi's case, maybe it's just a total distance, because there's no reason to post a photo of the eclipse taken by a professional photographer. Once P. didi released the photo, fans would soon point out that it was taken by Los Angeles photographer Cole young. He even posted it two weeks before Didi. The famous rapper can at least give the photographer some credit! Instead, he deletedThis article. Bella Thorne's jacket is fake. She posted this seemingly innocent photo on instagram, never expecting her Alice + Olivia blazer to be torn apart by her followers. It turns out that fans are hesitant to believe her. After doing some research, they found that the jacket was made of "real rabbit and arctic fox fur from China", but the damage has been caused and the lies are already known to the public.

bow wow is not a private plane or a first-class plane.

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Bow Wow (officially named lil'bow wow) would like to brag about his high life - cash income, anyone? Although Bow Wow appreciates living in a big house and driving fast, he doesn't seem to have enough cash to own or rent a private plane. The rapper posted this picture on the left, titled "travel day.". New York City press conference to grow hip-hop. here we go. I promise to bring ya the hottest show in history. "It's a pity that he doesn't sneak around. When a business traveller noticed him on the plane, on the same day he emailed, Bovo fell into his lies. Oh dear.

Rita Ola didn't receive 100000 forwards, so she was "hacked.". It's no wonder Rita Ola, the singer and songwriter, thinks she's quite amazing. She must be shocked to see the conclusion of her 2014 Halloween post. The original post of the

ora has now been deleted, she said, "if this post gets 100000 forwards, my new song will be deleted on Monday." She didn't get the forwarding. Instead, she lied that her twitter was hacked. The followers called her out and said, @ ritaora lol, we all know that you're just angry, you didn't get the 100 thousand RT Komen girl! Maybe next time, Rita