Kim Kardashian has so much pain that she can't use her hands


In the latest season of keeping up with Kardashian, Kim revealed that she had been suffering from severe pain in her hands. At first, she and her doctor worried about lupus, but later discovered that she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. In an article she wrote for her sister Courtney's blog poosh, she made public her struggles with diagnosis. She shared the pain, once she couldn't even use her hands. I woke up that morning and still couldn't pick up the phone. I was scared - I couldn't even lift my toothbrush, I hurt my hand badly. She said she had worked out the day before, especially on arm training day, and thought it was one of the exercises that caused her hands to tighten. "I don't think it could be anything serious," king said. "Over time, my hands have more movement, but they really hurt from the inside - I feel it in my bones. Everyone thinks it's just my exercise, but I know it feels different. " Since her diagnosis, she has revealed that she has been taking drugs to help relieve symptoms. "I've tried the longest natural route, we've chosen the best route for me, so fortunately now everything is under control," Kim said. By sharing her experience of fighting schizophrenia, Kim hopes to help those who are trying to reduce their loneliness. "I hope my story will help other people with autoimmune diseases have confidence in the light at the end of the tunnel," Kim said