Tom Holland is a real-life superhero


It seems that we have Spiderman to thank Disney and Sony for finally reaching an agreement to keep Spiderman in the miracle world. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Tom Holland is the driving force behind the reconciliation between the two companies. According to reports, Holland was very determined when he appealed to Bob Iger, Disney's chief executive, and Tom Rothman, Sony's chairman, to save the deal between the two companies. Obviously, he was able to use his role in Sony's upcoming movie "the unknown" to give him some chips to persuade Rothman to sit down and negotiate with Disney. But Holland can't get all the credit. Fans have a lot to say about the idea that Spiderman will stay in MCU, which has also reportedly affected their decision. The Spiderman deal was initially terminated between the two companies on August 20, when Disney tried to negotiate a 50-50 co financing deal. Thankfully, after the Dutch push to continue negotiations, the two studios announced that they had reached a third Spiderman movie deal on September 27. The deal will also allow the Netherlands to play spider man in at least another upcoming surprise film. Leave it to your friendly neighbor spider man to save the day!