The best Netflix originals to watch now


Netflix is one of the largest streaming platforms in the world. There are thousands of TV programs and movies to watch every day. Many of today's most popular shows are actually broadcast exclusively on Netflix. Their program won a famous award that went into online TV less than a decade ago.

with Netflix's leadership in original programming, other online platforms are doing the same. Today, Netflix shows cover comedy, drama, lifestyle and so on, so it makes sense for everyone. Don't know what to start watching? These are some of the best shows Netflix has to offer. The original Netflix movie has millions of viewers all over the world. This novel, based on the 2014 novel of the same name, starred by Emma stone and Jonah hill. They played the role of some psychopaths who volunteered to take part in a mysterious drug trial. Things didn't end as planned, and the audience began a wild journey into the protagonist's subconscious.

madman stands out for his striking visual effect, fascinating soundtrack and clear chemical reaction between stone and hill. Its theme and plot can be compared with "Inception" and "spotless eternal sunshine of the mind". The creepy Adventures of Sabrina the story of a magical girl was widely spread in the 1990s' the Witch of the girl, ablina. The creator of "Riverdale" adapted the story to suit modern people and changed it from sitcom to drama. Sabrina's adventures tells the story of Sabrina, a half Witch and half mortal girl who must choose between two worlds before her 16th birthday. The play is about Sabrina's daring to regain the almost stolen power and empower women. It also deals with many controversial issues, such as racism, gender roles, beliefs and power dynamics.

strange eye


strange eye was restarted from the program of the same name broadcast more than ten years ago. Netflix updated the show and found a new "FAB5" that started helping heterosexual men across the United States. Everyone has their own specialties, including wardrobe, appearance, cultural pursuit, food and family decoration. Many critics praise these people for their charm and charming personality. They intend to solve deep-seated social problems in their ethnic minority areas. The audience can feel the true story and true friendship. In addition, Jonathan Van Ness is a gift to the world. After succeeding in park and entertainment, Aziz Ansari created Netflix's first original work, no master. Ansari starred in the play as a working actor in New York. It focuses on his professional and personal life, whether it's racism in the entertainment industry or the struggle of modern dating. The master who is ownerless is also famous for breaking the form. The plot pays special attention to a serious topic in today's society, such as disability or sex. Now, it is possible to have another season, but Ansari has not made any commitment. The next program is more than just a simple story of boys and girls. The coming of the end of the world, and most of the storylines are developed along the path of boys and girls, the end of the world adopts this clich é, turning it into something rarely seen by the media. Teenage James and Eliza began a road trip to find Eliza's father. Because of family dysfunction and abnormal personal characteristics, they finally formed an incredible intimate relationship. The end of each episode is a dramatic suspense, encouraging the audience to watch to the end. It also has one of the most amazing soundtracks that shows the depth of emotion in the character and climax.

big mouth


Nick Kroll and his childhood best friend Andrew Goldberg created an animation program based on their experiences in adolescence. big mouth tells the story of comedic middle school students being ravaged in adolescence, trying to solve all problems with the help of hormonal monsters. Many famous actors dub cartoon characters, including Nick Kroll himself, John Mulani, Fred Ameson, Maya Rudolph, Jordan peel and Andrew lannels. The play deals with menstruation, body deformation, sexual behavior and family planning in a very beautiful way, which makes it worth watching. There may be risks in the whole play centered on autistic patients, but the atypical play captures real similar situations in a related and real way. Every member of the family needs to add dimensions to every episode, whether it's dealing with unfaithful parents or his sister's questioning of who she was when she was young. As the protagonist, Keir Gilchrist (SAM) must learn how to play a role in an autism spectrum. As Leonardo DiCaprio said in "what to eat Gilbert grapes", the audience was surprised to find that he was not actually in the real world.

Hillhouse's haunted is a drama, horror, and mystery wrapped into a Netflix series. Each episode flashed in the past and now, with a broken family having to face the memories of their former home and the terrorist events they fled. When supernatural forces trapped the family in Hillhouse, they were forced to face their demons. The audience is watching and re watching the play due to the rich background story and the thrilling rhythm of plot development of each character. People should be careful before delving into this horror film, but if they can overcome it, it includes heartbreaking stories and complex character relationships. When the movie premiered in 2016, it was immediately popular. Fans all over the world watched the play crazily. The star of the play became famous overnight. It revolves around a little boy who disappeared on two different occasions, while his mother, friends and the town police stationThe elders united to bring him back. The program has gained huge popularity with millions of viewers. The success of strange things is largely due to the talented children's actors who play their roles in a truly refreshing way. Although it was set in the 1980s, this TV series is full of vitality and eternity. The next Netflix TV series is one of the most successful reruns in TV history. In the past few years, all kinds of old TV plays have been replayed. Fuller's house is one of the earliest TV series to achieve this goal. They adapted the TV series Fuller's house in 1980s / 1990s. The daughters in the original book have grown up, have their own families, and finally lead them back to their childhood homes. After five seasons, the cast will say goodbye for the last time. Fuller's house is full of nostalgia and tacky gags, but it's a show that people who grow up with the original can watch with their children.



in the context of the present, bodyguard tells the story of the Royal and professional protection branch of London Metropolitan police. David Bader, the protagonist, was appointed to protect Julia Montague, the interior minister, who is known as the "antisocial". Throughout the series, he defended a woman who disagreed with him morally and politically. This contemporary thriller builds tension one after another. After discovering the real motivation of each character, the audience will be influenced by their thoughts. High speed emotions will make the audience question what they see and hear. There are many movies and TV programs trying to solve the problem of teenagers and sex through comedy. One reason why sex education can take on such controversial issues is that it deals with them in an honest and respected way. Otis Milburn is a high school student and her mother is a sex therapist. He formed a group with his female classmates, and then opened an underground sex clinic in their school. The drama's creative narrative, gorgeous cinematography and tenacious characters fascinated the audience from the beginning. Some critics praised the film as an updated John Hughes film, which does not rely on flashy humor to talk about such private and ordinary things.


Netflix Netflix

Jason Bateman is no stranger to Netflix's original programs, because he also plays the leading role in the development of in arrested me. Now, he plays a more important role in Ozark. Bateman plays a financial adviser who moves his family from Chicago to ozak, Missouri. There, he had to figure out how to launder $500 million in five years to appease a drug lord. The critics praised Ozark for its excellent writing, actors and performances. Each story will leave the audience waiting to see which character survives. It's also a thriller that's great for crazy viewing. The development of arrest was first broadcast on network TV and was cancelled shortly after. About a decade later, Netflix took over the smart comedy, and more fans found out about it. In another Netflix show, Bateman's Michael Brooke is at the heart of his eccentric and dysfunctional family. The actor is the best in the show. They all have incredible chemical reactions that compete well with each other. The purpose of this book is for the characters to improve all their comedy abilities. Ron Howard also plays the narrator and talks directly to the audience in each episode. Do you remember which Netflix protagonist lives on the same day over and over again? Continue reading to understand There is a plot of the main characters living on the same day over and over again, which may appear redundant and excessive. The Russian Doll sees it as a simple guide and translates it into a program that cannot be simply integrated into one type. Natasha Leona plays a cynical New York woman who tries to figure out why she died and then goes back to her birthday party. There are comedies, dramas, mysteries, terrors, thrills and so on. Because the protagonist is almost impossible to play, the effect is good, but after the audience knows her behind the scenes story, they want to know how she will get rid of her most powerful devil. It's done! Not every Netflix original has a script. There are countless categories for users to watch crazily. Nail it! The is a cooking show in which amateur bakers compete to recreate the food Ritz with cash P. It also has some attractive judges, such as comedian Nicole Bair and chef Jacques Torres. There are all kinds of cooking programs, the outstanding reason is that it doesn't take itself seriously. The judges joked with the contestants that the final product would not be close to anything professional. Netflix also has a festival theme spin off and a Mexican version. After her debut on Netflix, Marie Kondo became an instant. People all over the country are using her organizational skills to help them organize their lives. The main motto of the show is to ask people if their personal belongings "cause happiness.". A show about cleaning may seem boring at first glance, but it touches the heart of the connection between people and household goods. When working with customers, the audience will be attracted by her inspiring information and sustained positive attitude. She may be small, but she has a lifetime of knowledge. After starring in 30 Rock, Tina Faye created a unique comedy, telling the story of a woman rescued from the doomsday cult who came to live in New York. The unbreakable Jimmy Schmidt invites viewers and her new friends to enter Jimmy's life behind the blockhouse. The play lasted for four quarters, with many iconic names appearing along the wayWords and characters. As an adult in her 30s, Ellie Kemper (Kimmy) is very persuasive about the idea of a minor. Today's sitcoms also deal with taboo topics such as racism, sexual harassment, homophobia and classicism, but they don't preach much. Hot and humid American summer camp: the first day of summer camp & ten years later, nearly 15 years after the film "hot and humid American summer camp" was released, Netflix turned it into a pair of TV products. Hot and humid American summer camp: the first day of summer camp. Next, "hot and humid American Summer: a decade later," tells the story of most of the original cast reuniting after a decade of camping.

the original films included many famous actors, such as Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Luther, and Amy Boler.

Netflix missed the mark for the next show

haters back!


YouTuber Colleen Ballinger created Miranda sings. Now, almost a decade later, Netflix has decided to adapt it into an original series. Haters back! , named after the character's classic catchphrase, followed by an arrogant girl who thinks she's the next big star. The show is different from YouTube video because new family members are added and viewers can see Miranda outside the bedroom.

haters back! There are many different comments. Some people praise its emotional appeal and dynamic character relationships. Others believe that the show failed to translate Miranda Singh's initial viral success on television