Parents Are Getting Tattoos Of Their Childrens Drawings With Adorable Results

Parents are taking pride in the artwork their children are drawing these days to a whole new level. No longer is taping something to the fridge good enough to show your son or daughter how proud you are of them. These days, you need to show your love literally and get your kiddo's creativity tattooed on your body. There really is no better way to let your friends and neighbors know that you have the most creative child in town. Your heart will melt when you see the magical, mysterious, and sometimes just "good effort" artwork that some modern parents are willing to paint on their bodies forever.

Just wait until you see what one kid's interpretation of the Batman/Superman symbol looks like!

Are Those Flowers?


Image via mikemcnabbtattoo/Instagram

This kid wanted to let daddy know they loved him by giving him flowers. Not having any money to buy flowers, or a ride to the store, they had to get creative. We're not sure what each flower here is supposed to be, but we give this child credit for using a variety of colors, anyway.

We give this dad a lot of credit too for finding the perfect sport on his forearm for this tattoo: nestled under the wings of a bird, gracefully lifting this pot of flowers in the heavens.