10 simple vegetarian recipes that everyone will like

At that time of the year! This holiday, there will be many delicious things to share with family and friends. Celebrate by starting a new tradition: make your holiday party full of botanical beauty. It's a health gift for the one you love - and it's absolutely delicious! The easiest way is to offer eye-catching vegetable, fruit and cereal side dishes, such as these 10 new recipes. They are a perfect match for Turkey, ham or vegetarian entrees.

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1. Orange and arugula salads with cranberry juice are sometimes the afterthought of a holiday meal - but not if you offer one! The festival salad is a mixture of spicy arugula, fresh orange juice, cranberry sauce, fragrant mint leaves and crunchy almond slices. This is a side dish of vitamin C with rich flavor and enhanced immunity.

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2. Pomegranate cabbage stir fry is a common green vegetable on holiday table. But believe: this beautiful dish has nothing in common! Kale is rich in anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer nutrients. Pomegranate aril (seed) is rich in plant nutrients, which may play a role in cancer prevention, heart health and weight control. It's a super quick and fun way to add green to your meal. Plus, it's a double dose of super food. Calories: 93

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3. Herbert Frick and Bartlett squish pilaf are the new quinoa! What is free? It's roast, dry, tender, soft green wheat. Just like you use other grains. French fries only take 20 minutes. It's also a nutritional winner - richer in protein and fiber than brown rice. Freekeh is even the source of gut friendly prebiotics. You will like it as a seasonal pilaf or as a cool salad! Calories: 187

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4. Baked green beans, mushrooms and onions are typical holiday staples. But it is usually made of canned green beans, canned cream mushroom soup and canned fried onions. Doesn't that sound cute? This is a fresh, preservative free casserole dish. Sweet mung beans, baby Bella and red onion are all baked in olive oil, with rich and perfect taste. Sprinkle a little blue cheese on it to make you feel comfortable. Calories: 125

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5. Roasted carrots with pumpkin seeds and mints are super festive at your holiday table, especially when it's caramelized. Caramelized carrots give off a sweet and delicious flavor. Most of all, you'll use sea salt, cinnamon, lemon and mint to season these babies. Then sprinkle pumpkin seeds, coconut honey and more mint on top. They are almost decadent - nutritious. You only need one carrot to get beta carotene! Calories: 115

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6. Everyone knows potatoes. But celery roots (also known as celery) are not even on most people's radar. In fact, many people haven't tried this big, knobby root vegetable, which has a delicate, celery like taste. This is your chance! This recipe is a bit like mashed potatoes. Because it's pure until it reaches a good texture, you'll notice less hierarchy. It goes well with your favorite holiday staples like roast turkey, ham and even tofu! Calories: 330

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7. Maple Leaf glazed sweet potato steak with pecan These are like sweet potato chips, but bigger and better. They are roasted with olive oil and seasoned with cinnamon, pepper and sea salt. Sprinkle with a small drop of pure maple syrup and a small amount of pecan. Eat with a fork! Calories: 297

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8. Creamy vegetarian spinach


combines comfort and health magically in this smooth spinach side dish. It's creamy, but definitely not creamy. Rather, velvet is made from unsweetened coconut milk drinks and a little whole wheat pastry. Garlic, lemon and some seasoning will bring you rich flavor. Extra virgin olive oil is rich and promotes the absorption of many key nutrients in spinach! Calories: 41

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9. Sweet and sour cranberry sauce

cranberry sauce is bold, fresh and absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, it can hold tons of sugar. So instead of this pie, it's rsion. All you have to do is put a bag of fresh whole bilberry in the pan, add lemon and orange juice, coconut sugar and water. Boil and simmer for 10 minutes. That's it. Due to its potential hypoglycemia index, coconut sugar may be a better bet than sugar for people with diabetes or prediabetes. Calories: 55

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10. When might cheesecake help prevent urinary tract infection and gum disease? When it's full of cranberry sauce! Cranberries contain compounds known as bacterial blockers. But you don't have to brag about the potential health benefits of this dessert so that anyone can eat it. After all, it's cheesecake! However, if you like, you can treat it as a dessert! Using neufch – Tel instead of regular cream cheese can keep it light but sweet. Calories: 309


recipe of cheesecake with new Chartres cranberry sauce

Credit: Jackie NEWWhat do you think of gent? Do you want to eat healthy food on holidays or do you want to put aside all the nutrition rules on special occasions? Why or why not? What kind of recipe would you try? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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