The Smallest Mini Horse In The World Surprised Everyone In The Best Way

If you're a hardcore horse girl (or horse boy) you already know that ponies are not baby horses. Baby horses are called foals, while ponies are fully-grown small horses. Miniature horses are very small ponies. In order to be called a miniature horse, the horse has to measure less than 34201338 inches in height.

Even though they're small, these tiny horses are full of big surprises. Miniature horse owner Diana Gilger was blown away when she visited her mini horse, Jazz in the stables one morning.

Meet Jazz


Photo Credit: Mini Hooves of Love Miniature Therapy Horses / YouTube

Diana Gilger lives in Gutherie, Oklahoma. She's always loved ponies and miniature horses. When she was a child, she always knew she was going to own miniature horses one day, when she got older. There's just something so endearing about them.

One of the horses Diana took in was a mini horse named Jazz that she rescued from a shelter. From the minute she saw her, Diana knew that Jazz was special. There was just something about her that Diana couldn't quite put her finger on2014 something almost magical.