Situps After Appendicitis


Active people may be difficult to adapt to life after any operation, especially the operation and diseases affecting the abdomen. Appendicitis is a painful disease that greatly limits your movement and abdominal muscle use when you are affected. The treatment of appendicitis usually includes appendectomy, resection of diseased appendix. Strengthening your core muscles may help you recover and accelerate your return to a positive lifestyle, but care must be taken to avoid injury. Be sure to discuss post-operative activities with your doctor. Appendicitis is caused by infection. This happens when the appendix is filled with a substance - usually feces, mucus or parasites. Swelling of the appendix limits blood flow. Decreased blood flow leads to death and eventually rupture of the appendix. If the wall of the appendix breaks, the contents of the appendix can spill into the abdomen and spread the infection. The postoperative nursing of appendectomy is carried out by laparoscopy and traditional methods. Laparoscopic surgery is minimally invasive, which can quickly recover and limit the damage to abdominal muscles. Traditional methods require a surgeon to make an incision in the abdomen. Both methods weaken the abdomen, and postoperative guidance usually includes limiting activity levels.

sit ups and appendectomy

Mayo Clinic recommends avoiding any strenuous activity 5 days after laparoscopic appendectomy and 14 days after open surgery. At this point, you should discuss your activities with your doctor, but in general, it's safe to start light exercise. Sit ups are too laborious and repetitive to carry out after surgery, but other activities can be carried out. It is a safe way to start activities again after operation. Although it is not generally considered as an abdominal exercise, paying attention to your posture while walking can passively and safely strengthen your abdominal muscles. Through the doctor's examination, you can start to exercise more intensively. Sit on the edge of a chair or bed and hold yourself with your hands. Slowly lift one leg at a time and bend your knees. Repeat each leg 12 to 15 times. When you gain more strength, lift your legs at the same time.