Sarah Jessica Parker takes this many steps every day (and so can you)


If you want strong legs like Sarah Jessica Parker, you have to start walking - a lot. The 53 year old actress is impressive in revealing how many steps she takes every day. You'd better plan to take a few more steps. In an interview with doctor magazine in 2016, the New York City divorce star said her daily goal is 10000 steps, equivalent to five miles a day. &I walk. I live in the city. "I walk a lot," she told host Travis stoke, MD. She says it helps to live in a house with four to five stairs! According to a 2010 study published in the Journal of sports medicine and science, the average American walks about 5117 steps a day, which means that SJP's steps are twice as many as most of us. She also revealed that she used Fitbit, a fitness monitor, to track her progress.

fitness tracker (such as Fitbit) is a good way to start exercise programs, because they can make you responsible for your health habits and help you lose weight. The results of

maximization can also help to use food magazines. Or calorie tracking apps like and myplate, which track your calories and exercise every day. It also provides meal planning, short-term exercise, and support communities to help you achieve all your diet and fitness goals. (Kelly Underwood is a big fan!)

Parker also revealed that swimming and kayaking are her other two sports to exercise, especially in the summer, but she realized that as she grew older, she needed to broaden her approach to fitness. &She added: "I have to think more about bone density and weight lifting. She's absolutely right! In 2015, a study published in the Journal of sports medicine and physique found that low weight and high repetitive resistance training increased the bone mineral density of ordinary adults by 8%, and that of postmenopausal women by 29%. She also has a healthy way to eat, revealing that almond milk is her obsessive-compulsive disorder. &I like it. I can't think whether it's a whole meal or a desert, light or thick like a milkshake. It's like a constant gift. "I love almond milk," she said. Her other healthy favorite: artichoke heart. &"We always put them in the fridge," she said. &They're great! &Thank you for sharing your fitspo, Sarah Jessica Parker! We are sure to increase our daily advance payment. If you want to join us, look at our 10000 step challenge every day!

 What's your opinion? Are you surprised by Sarah Jessica Parker's simple approach to health? How many steps do you take a day? Do you use a fitness tracker or app to help monitor your progress? Share your thoughts in the comments below!