The Secret to Reese Witherspoon's Sparkly Eyes — Straight From Her Yoga Instructor


Of course, Reese Witherspoon's eyes sparkled, and now we know why! The "big and small lies" star can be sexy, sweet and sexy on the big screen - and her expressive blue eyes have a lot to do with it. But it turns out that this is not just the magic of a magic mascara. Behind it, there is also a breathing technique to thank her gorgeous flash. (picture: Robyn Beck / AFP / gettyimages)

Reese & 39; American Yoga coach Nadia Narain details her four minute breathing program that encourages her clients (including Kate Moss and Rachel Weitz) to release toxins in the body and make their eyes glow. The great thing about using breath to calm the body is that you don't need anything but yourself and a few minutes of quiet time to start reaping the rewards of her breathing practice. It's called & 39; Kapalabhati, & 39; and it can be translated into & 39; illuminated & 39; or & 39; shiny skulls, & 39; Narain said. &So when it's done, the body releases tension, and it's said that there's a flash on the skull, including your eyes. It helps to rush out of the lungs and bring vitality, luster and luster to your face. It's a way of calming, uplifting and improving blood circulation, she said. If you're ready, take a mat and get ready to take a big step forward. In the video for rumet, Narian performs breathing techniques. She sat cross legged on the ground, closed her mouth, and breathed through her nose, short and sharp as she described it, like blowing out a candle through her nose. In most of her daily activities, she puts her hand gently on her stomach, and you can see that her stomach moves with every breath. "When you refuel the navy in this way, you generate an internal heat that releases toxins and tension," she said. It also helps to stimulate blood circulation and digestive tract, which also helps to increase intestinal function, thus helping to eliminate toxins. "Does

sound interesting?" You will want to see it as part of your regular program to see the best results. &Narain insists that you don't expect to see brighter eyes right away. Everything needs practice, but even after you do it once, you will start to feel calmer and more relaxed. &"If done right, it will help clear the brain and release tension around the face and eyes," Narian said. &When our minds are calm, our faces will soften and our eyes will shine. 'I recommend doing two rounds in the morning and call it a good addition to yoga practice, which is best early in the day,' she said. There is only one caveat: pregnancy or menstruation or high blood pressure should not be done. She said.

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