These Teenage Rebels Grew Up To Be Beautiful People


Our teenage years can be tough. Many teens are trying to discover who they are while simultaneously curious as to who they might become in the future. Those struggles often lead to a rebellious stage that spans the gamut from anti-social introvert to rebellious extrovert.

After years of discovering who they are, some teens turn into very different adults. They lose their emo, punk, or rocker look, find something they are passionate about, and start acting liked adults.

We've put together a list of some very rebellious teens who blossomed into beautiful and amazing adults. Enjoy.

This Mom Is Almost Unrecognizable 10 Years Later


This young rebel looked a little mad at the world when she was 15 years old. Ten years later and she's a mom to a four year old and managing a local convenience store. In telling her personal story from child to store manager she says those were "all things I told myself at fifteen that I'd never do." Everyone grows up on their own timeline and this woman definitely figured out the path she was ultimately going to take pretty quickly. Would you recognize her transformation if you saw her on the street 10 years later? It will be interesting to see if her own kid follows a similar path.