How Deployed Soldiers Keep The Christmas Spirit Alive


Members of our military make daily sacrifices in order to protect our country and interests worldwide. But with service comes sacrifice, and one of those main sacrifices is to be apart from their loved ones during the holiday season. Take a look at some heartwarming and funny photos showing how our military forces overseas spend their holidays!

You won't believe the lengths some soliders go to in order to give their fellow service members a festive-feeling holiday!

Elf On The 2026 Kandahar Airfield?


Although these military men and women are away from home for the Christmas season (more specifically they are in Afghanistan at Kandahar Airfield) they are still getting into the holiday spirit. The soldiers pictured here are a part of TAAC-S or, Soldiers of Train, Advise, Assist Command 2013 South. Despite being unable to engage in their normal holiday traditions with friends and families at home, they still attempt to carry at least some of their traditional holiday practices. U.S. Army Captain Russell Woody observed, "Most of the companies [units of Soldiers] did something together; each company had a get-together. Most of them hung out together on Christmas Day. It seemed like everyone had a pretty good time." If the elf in front is any indication it certainly looks a super fun party. The soldiers were also given many care packages in the form of stockings which included cards and sweets to get in the mood, a consolation prize for being away from their family.