These Stories Of Generous Tips Given To Servers Will Brighten Your Day


Server's jobs are never easy. They work long hours for low pay only to deal with customers who can never be pleased and leave measly tips. But every now and then a kind customer restores our faith in humanity. Check out these heartwarming stories of the most generous tippers ever including some surprising celebrity run-ins! You won't believe the couple who tipped their waitress more than $10,000 to pay off her student loans!

The Irish Homecoming


Ben Millar, a waiter in Texas, got the surprise of a lifetime after a diner tipped him $750 in order to help him get back home for the holidays2014all the way in Ireland! Ben is originally from Belfast but now lives in Texas with his girlfriend Taryn Keith. Although Ben was simply sharing a tidbit of his life with the customer, the anonymous individual took the story to heart.

He left the massive $750 tip with a note saying, 201cHopefully this can get you back to Ireland for the holidays.201d Ben and his girlfriend Taryn are expecting their first child and plan to use the money to travel to Ben2019s native Ireland in order for his family to be meet his love and his new baby.